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What is Imgur And Who is the founder of it

In this blog of seoteach360 , i am here to give you a quick knowledge about imgur , how imgur works and how you can upload images to imgur . So without wasting your time . Lets start our knowledgable blog.

What is Imgur ?

Imgur is an image hosting site as well as a community discussion site. In 2017, it was the 11th most popular site in the United States and the 38th most popular in the world. It was founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009 while he was a computer science student at Ohio University.

What is Imgur And Who is the founder of it
What is Imgur And Who is the founder of it

The site hosts still and animated images uploaded by users who can vote for each other and comment on each other's posts. There is a mobile app that can take photos on Android or iOS mobile devices and upload them directly to Imgur.



Imgur gives you the opportunity to handle your images easily and frequently .also you can upload unlimited images in imgur . Imgur is best option to upload an images and you can share it with your family and friends . 

Imgur is also one of the best and trusted website since 2009 and the main thing is there is no charges for uploading an images to imgur server .

How imgur works 

You also know for uploading an image to internet it is necessary to need a hosting server . So for the same imgur use an image hosting server to host your images . And if you want to start an image hosting site you also need an image hosting server . You can easily buy a fast server from Go daddy or other hosting provider . 

Important points 

One thing i will tell you about imgur is that it is used by big website like twitter and reddit .this making imgur 100% trusted and also imgur uses an ssl .


I hope you will learn about imgur and also about the importance of imgur or it is 100% secure . I hope you well read our article and also you learn about the founder of imgur .thanks 

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