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how to make money blogging for beginners youtube

Hello Blogger , Today you will learn about how to make money blogging for beginners .

Learn how to make money blogging for beginners youtube and create an online income from home by starting your own business from scratch, even if you’ve never done it before!

Find out why so many people are making money with their blogs today and use this detailed guide on how to make money blogging as your first step to the life of your dreams!

Table of content (toc)

What do you want to achieve?

Make Money While Doing What You Love! If you’re serious about having a business that can support you, even if it’s just part-time income, then you need to first figure out what your blogging goals are. 
Where do you want to be in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? Do you want financial independence? Do you want enough money coming in so that you never have to stress about how much of a mortgage or car loan is left until it’s paid off? 
Do you want travel and don’t care about being an entrepreneur, or are you passionate about working for yourself and building something that can stand on its own without constantly needing capital injections from family members or friends.
how to make money blogging for beginners youtube
how to make money blogging for beginners youtube

What are my talents?

This is another question that you must ask yourself, because it's very important. The reward from building a successful blogging business is not only the money but most importantly (1) feeling of achievement and (2) satisfaction of creating a business without relying on anyone else but your own talent and strengths. 
Therefore, you need to identify your talent first and then do something with it. There are several ways you can do so: thinking over what you were good at during school times, think about any hobby that makes you happy, talk with people who love what they're doing right now, ask around and search online if there's someone who has experience in building a business using their talents—the list goes on. 
Don't worry if something seems irrelevant right now! Just think about it.

Do I have passion in what I am doing?

If you are wondering whether you should start a side business, ask yourself: do I have passion in what I am doing? Passion is what drives us to get out of bed every morning with smiles on our faces ready to conquer new challenges and achieve our goals. 
Passion is what makes work-life balance manageable. Passion keeps us coming back each day, even if it means late hours and weekend work. Passion gives meaning and joy to life. One can not live without passion in their lives; one may survive but never thrive or succeed. 
Without passion life lacks color, meaning, purpose and joy! This is why finding your passion is so important when deciding whether or not you want to start a business and quit your job once and for all!

How much time do I want to put into it?

If you want to build a successful blogging business and be able to quit your day job then there’s one thing you need above everything else: time. 
Time is what it takes, so if you aren’t prepared to put in at least 4-5 hours a day into your business every single day, then stop reading now. You can succeed with less time but anything less than 4-5 hours a day means that it’s going to take longer and success might not be as quick or even possible. 
If you are willing and able (in which case let me offer my congratulations), here’s how I recommend approaching it.

What type of blog can I build?

Building a successful blogging business is not easy and you’re going to want advice from people who have walked in your shoes. Make sure you reach out to people who are more successful than you and find out exactly how they got where they are now. 
Be very specific when asking questions; let’s say your goal is $1,000 per month, so ask them what their monthly revenue looks like first. How much traffic do they need on their site? How often should they be publishing new content? What social media platforms do they use? 
The answers will vary widely but it's important that you take detailed notes throughout each conversation because all of these nuggets of information will come together in order to help create a successful blogging business.

Where will my readers come from?

One of our favorite ways to get started with affiliate marketing is through Amazon. It’s a trusted source and has a large audience of shoppers looking for products. As an affiliate marketer, you register with them and then create links in your content that drives traffic back to their site.
 You can choose from a few different link types, such as text links, banner ads, and product images. We like using banner ads since they are easy and have higher conversion rates. 
This way when you do have traffic coming in they will be intrigued by what you have to offer or they might be interested enough in your banners that they will click on it. This can hopefully lead them straight into becoming a customer!

How much do I need to start with?

Before you can get started, there is a question that needs answering: how much do I need to start a website? The good news is, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Of course, $5 will buy you 5 minutes of web hosting time but if you want something more, then we recommend BlueHost at $2.95 per month - because they provide a reliable service at an affordable price!

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