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12 Ways to Get Dofollow Backlinks (So You Can Get More Traffic)

In this article of SeoTeach360 ,i will tell you about 12 Ways to Get Dofollow Backlinks (So You Can Get More Traffic). So without wasting time lets go :-

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What is backlinks

Backlinks are links that a site owner places on other websites. They are either promoted by the owner on social media, or by a link building service, or by content posted on the site. The most important thing to know about backlinks is that they are highly valuable.

12 Ways to Get Dofollow Backlinks (So You Can Get More Traffic)
12 Ways to Get Dofollow Backlinks (So You Can Get More Traffic)

They make your website more relevant to search engines and they also help in ranking it in the top results.

According to Ahrefs: “An authority site will have much higher authority in the search engines as a result of linking to it.” – Ahrefs So How to Get Backlinks?

Since it is such a valuable asset, you need to do some effective research before you start adding backlinks to your website.

Getting dofollow backlinks

Dofollow Dofollow is a rule whereby Google penalizes sites that promote themselves via rel=”nofollow”. This happens when an SEO manipulates a site so that people don’t have to follow links from it anymore. So the next time you want to create a site that has a significant amount of followers, you have to change your approach.

Allowing only 80% of your followers to be the followers of a post is a sure way of getting you penalized. Luckily there are several ways to get dofollow backlinks. Here are the most common ways: Getting Pay Per Click (PPC) Backlinks PPC backlinks are backlinks that direct search engines to your site because you paid for them.

Getting dofollow backlinks from twitter

Here's a good example of how you can get a link from twitter using a Google services script 1. Open up google services ,you'll see a "servername" . Put your twitter account in there and click create 2. Click on the "dofollow" button and the script will process the input for you. 3. Hit verify and click finish. you'll get the link in your account. Simple way, will boost your rankings Want to get high DFO? Here's how you can do it 1. Head on over to Twitter 2. Open your applications tab 3. Find the tweet with a value greater than 70 4. Click on the circle (the one with the arrow) that says Submit 5. It'll take you to the #form 6. Take down the #yourapp.

Getting dofollow backlinks from facebook

What you should know about facebook :- It’s the #1 way of getting the Dofollow Backlinks from Facebook Why to get a dofollow facebook Page? Because you’ll get more traffic and you’ll get more targeted traffic. Also it is another way of increasing traffic for your website.

How to get dofollow backlinks from facebook? You need to search for pages, posts and pages with many posts, and get to know how many “mentions” they have in the comment section.

Once you get to know this, you can find which site they link to. Search for a big site with lots of traffic that will give you 1 link from it. This is easy and you can get a big traffic.

Getting dofollow backlinks from youtube

You must know that Youtube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world. So people are using Youtube to get lots of backlinks. Using proper and reliable method like submit a video post to Youtube. You will receive lots of quality backlinks from this source.

Here is a list of youtube articles, feel free to add one of your own :- 1) Article about UX I will submit some other articles on UX to youtube. I’m sure many of you are making use of blogs, social media, and youtube to share your article.

Getting dofollow backlinks from press release

If you have a press release then you must use the trick of Dofollow backlinks to get good links from other relevant websites. Here’s why this works so well: Press Release Press release links to your press release are inherently trustworthy.

That’s because these links are used to link to press releases from other publications. For example, if your press release has been posted on you can check on press release links to your press release by using a good search tool like Booray Buzz Search Engine.

This will show you the press release links on the first page of search results. If you see press release links on the first page of search results, it means that the press release you have posted is so relevant to the web at the top of the search engine results page.

Getting dofollow backlinks from guest blogging

My all time favorite method to get dofollow backlinks is through guest blogging. Guest posting is a very simple and fast way to get dofollow backlinks.

Once you submit a post to a website which has a large number of readers, it is expected that this will gain a lot of traffic to your website. In order to get this traffic you will have to submit the same post to a lot of websites with large number of readers and this will cause a spike in your website traffic.

There are several tools that you can use to find blogs to guest post on. It is good to look for blogs that have a large readership and have published articles on a wide range of topics, but not just any blog is good for you.

Getting dofollow backlinks from article marketing

If you wish to receive backlinks from articles, then that is the right way to go. Basically every website or business strives to get more attention from SEO related directories, blog directories, social media, and others.

Let me say that most of the webmasters understand the importance of blog directories, and publish content from websites they own. What do they get for that? Sure, they get the link back but dofollow backlinks? You will be wrong if you think that the reason behind getting dofollow backlinks is for link building.

The fact is most of the webmasters understand the importance of backlink from article marketing. In today’s techy world a lot of articles are written for submission and content marketing.

Getting dofollow backlinks from seo

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key strategy used by many online business owners in order to earn high quality organic traffic, and therefore improve conversions.

Although having some backlink on Google that are not real backlinks is bad, there are also ways around this. These are called "dofollow" backlinks, and the strategy is not a lot of internet marketers are aware of.

What is Dofollow Backlink ? In SEO terms a Dofollow Backlink is simply a blog post follow up from a specific article and associated in a backlink profile with the post that was originally found.

So if i have a blog post on how to convert your website visitors into leads by using tools like Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ahrefs Pro, then i could get my readers to do an “if you liked this post please Like our FB Page” And one of my readers or blog reader who is aware of my post would like to convert his followers or followers and share the post.

So what i can do is getting him to take some action after he is done reading the post so he will see the links on the source. So this is how the number of links would go up.

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