How to start with a blog - Rank No 1 on Google

I am benjamin from Seoteach360 . This is really a important topic How to start with a blog - Rank No 1 Google . So Guys this is not complex process to create a website or blog . It just need a couple of minutes and need some $ in your pocket .

So i will not going to give you every steps of starting a blog but yes will give clear cut information about how to Start with a blog . And it is very important to rank a blog on google because if your blog not rank , then it's only a waste of time.

Some of the blog or website ranks on google because of uniqueness but if you choose domain like blogging or seo related then it is hard to rank on google .

But dont think it is impossible to rank on google . Its just need hard work and dedication because dedication and consistency is really needed to rank on google.  Just create a blog and start a blogger life.

How to start with a blog - Rank No 1 Google

Name Your Blog

First and the initial Step to Create a blog in 2022 is Choosing a Right name for Your blog . This is basically a web address where people visits your blog . Its is very necessary to choose a domain name which is easy and short and easy to remember like if you choose domain like then its is easy to remember for reader .

But if You domain like then its very hard for reader to remember it . So you have to choose a domain name between 3 - 15 words not more than that ... 

Make Sure it is very necessary to choose accurate domain name because it help in ranking on google.  I mean to say if your blog is related to tech then you will choose technical word in your domain and if you are interested in food blog then you can add name some thing like foodie . But its not neccessary . You can choose any domain name .

Choose blogger or Wordpress

it is very necessary to choose a platform according to your need . if you want to make a simple and easy designed then you can continue with but if you want to use millions of plugins and make a functional website then ofcourse you can gothrough with .

What is Blogger

blogger is free platform to host a blog or website for free . its provides you a free subdomain that . although there is no hidden charges or any fees . this is really good for beginner who dont have enough money to buy a hosting . one main drawback of blogger is that its has no plugins like wordpress .

What is Wordpress

A wordpress is platform where you can host a blog or website . it has millions of plugins which have different functionalities . you can speed up your website in a single click and you can better you seo - search engine optimization . these functionalities is not available in blogger

for hosting a wordpress website you have to buy a server or hosting . you can purchase hosting from godaddy or hosting .hosting are of two types . shared hosting and cloud hosting both are good . A good hosting plan cost you around 20$ a year but some website gives extra discount .

Set up Your blog

It is very necessary to set up or design your blog . it is very necessary to make a seo friendly design for your blog . because it is very necessary for seo purpose. if you donot have good and simple design , reader will not read the blog . so we have stated this third step in the list of How to start with a blog - Rank No 1 on Google.

so it is must to choose a theme for your blog which is seo friendly and have good speed because if you want to rank in top 10 pages in google then it is must your websites have good speed .

Now your blog is ready

Now You can publish your articles on your blog or website .publish an article atleast length of 500 plus characters so it has great impact .

How to Seo blog

if you want to rank on google it is very necessary to optimise your blog according to the need of Google . you have to publish more than 10 you have to publish more than 10 article. the article length should be 2000 words. the next step in Search Engine in Search Engine Optimisation is - create a do follow backlinks from a ranking website. I mean to say you you need a backlink from a website which already ranks on Google. you have to share your blog in your social media accounts. images also matter in ranking on Google if you have too big images then it increases the size ofthen it increases the size of image and the result will be bad.

I hope you will understand how to create a blog and how to rank on google. I hope you will share this article to your friends and colleagues


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