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Create Web Stories for Blogger And Get Huge Traffic

hello blogger today i will give you a guide to Create Web Stories for Blogger And Get Huge Traffic . So have you read our previous blog that is How to Remove Powered by Blogger Attribution . If you have not read yet , read it now . so lets focus on our topic that how can i create web stories for blogger.

You also know Web Stories play an important role in getting huge traffic .  you also know its too simple process to create a web stories in wordpress , because wordpress has plugins for web stories . but in case of blogger there is no plugins or function to create a web Stories on Blogger . so in this article i will give you intructions to create a web stories in blogger.

Web stories are overwhelming the SEO . By making web stories, website admins can drive huge  traffic. With the expansion in web traffic, their profit keep on expanding. The primary advantage of making a web Story is that it will expand your traffic to the blog from the Google search and Discover featture .

Create Web Stories for Blogger And Get Huge Traffic

What are web stories?

Web stories are a type of short content like Youtube has released feature of Youtube shorts that can be found on the internet. They are normally short and written in pieces that give setting or foundation data about a point. They are likewise frequently outwardly engaging, which makes them agreeable to peruse. One can make a lovely web story by joining sound, video, pictures and text

What are the benefits of Google web stories?

Google web stories are an extraordinary method for making a setting for your blog entries. They permit you to coordinate your considerations and thoughts in a brief, simple to-understand design. Additionally, they're intuitive, so your perusers can track with as you talk about the subject in question.

Where Do Google Web Stories Appear?

You can find web stories across a few Google proprietaries, for example, - in the serp - In the Google Discover there are few examples to show you how exactly Google Web Stories looks like that.

How to create web stories for Blogger?

You will need to create a sub-domain where you will host your web stories. So create a sub-domain. For eg. my sud-domain for web stories is stories - We are going to use the Makestories tool to make web stories for Blogger/Blogspot. Makestories is a free Google web stories tool and is created by an Indian Engineer.

Steps To Create Web Stories for Blogger

step 1 - Visit and create your account on 

step 2 - Click on Domains, in the left sidebar and then click on Add Domain Name 

step 3 - Now add your main domain name and click on Setup Domain Name. For eg my domain name is 

step 4 - Now, enter the sub-domain name which you have created and click on proceed. 

step 5 - You will have to add a CNAME record via your Domain's DNS settings. 

 step 6 - Once you are done with it, wait for a few minutes to verify. If it doesn't gets verify automatically, then go back and click on Domains and click on Verify button. Once it gets verified then you can even get Free SSL, just click on the Get SSL certificate button.

Hurrah .. You have successfully created your story in blogger and drive huge amount of traffic to your website .


Web Stories is really a way to drive huge amount of traffic .i hope i clear your doubts and guide to create a web stories in google .

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