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Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense - 2022

Hello friends , In this article of Seoteach360 , i am going to tell you about Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense . This is really sound funny to how Anyone can earn money without adsense in 2022. At the end of this i will provide you good information .So  keep reading this article and lets go .

Let me tell you first about google adsense if you are beginner or not yet heard the name of Adsense.

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Google Adsense

Google AdSense is an advertising program that you can use to monetize content such as blogs, websites, or videos. Clients pay to advertise it, and you earn a portion of that money by managing ads on your site or channel. AdSense registration is free.

How Google Adsense Works ?

First, Google must authorize your website. Google does not disclose its metrics for approval. But if your site has different content and complies with AdSense policies, you are ready to apply. You must be at least 18 years old. Once approved, you can arrange for ads to appear on your site.

You can choose which types of ads are playing and where they will appear on the page. But companies that appear on your site are bidding for their right to be there. AdSense allows its advertisers to compete for space on your website based on your content, as well as how much opportunity they have to get clicks on their ads to visitors.

Google determines the latter using the advertiser's "quality score". There are two features playing here. Another click level, or CTR. This is the percentage of visitors to your site that Google thinks will click on ads.

Another group of what Google calls “factors that affect the quality of user experience in viewing ad.” Google does not disclose what these items are, but according to its useful site, ad compatibility with predictive page information is essential.

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Adsense is considered one of the best money-making programs for bloggers for the following reasons :

  • Good & Quality Ads ( You Dont have to worry about low Quality ads ) .
  • It is easy to use .
  • Don't want to change ads after a period of time
  • Dont worry about payout because Google Adsense never hold payment except in invalid traffic case.

Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense - 2022

Why & How Your Life Is Better Without Google AdSense 

When I started my blogging website, I didn't know how to make money from Google Adsense or Any other Alternative. I started blogging because of my Passion of sharing the information and only heard about AdSense after a few months of blogging. Even after I setup AdSense on my blog, my first ad revenue was $ 12.

Earn Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing

If you don't have adsense , You dont need to worry about it because with the help of Amazon affliate , you can earn a quite good amount . Also if you have skill and have proper techniques . then , 100% You can earn 1000$/month. 

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Earn From Selling Courses

You can also earn money by selling your courses . how to create a course this really need longs explanation but yeah you can earn alot . let me tell you about Shoutmeloud , One of the Indias Professional Blogger . The founder of Shoutmeloud is Harsh Agarwal . He said that he earm more than 30000$/month Just for selling his courses . he not use adsense but still you can see he earn alot .


I hope You have read this Article , You come to know about Can Bloggers Make Money Without Google AdSense - 2022 . We will Updates this Article and Other Ways to earn without Adsense .share this Article to Your Family and Friends.

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